Located in the heart of Morris County's Harding Township, Van Beuren Farms offers a scenic open landscape and relaxed country lifestyle. Area residents have successfully fought to suppress major development securing the uniquely rural features of this special place. Set upon approximately 55 rolling acres, Van Beuren Farms has changed little since its days as a horse farm and then working estate. In an effort to maintain the natural beauty of the setting, the property has now been thoughtfully divided into six private home sites, including two existing homes that will be redesigned or rebuilt.

The neighborhood will preserve a scenic pond and open meadows as well as
a beguiling, winding lane. Beautifully crowned by over-arching trees, this privately maintained road has been renamed Griffin Lane. As one of Harding Township's last remaining estates off one of its most treasured roadways, the property is accented by split rail fencing to define its ample home sites. The rare natural beauty of Van Beuren Farms will be protected and perpetuated through sensitive architectural design and sustainable land use embodied in its Master Plan.


The Master Plan covers four areas:

  • The Design Guidelines
  • The Environmental Guidelines
  • The Landscape Master Plan
  • The Association By-Laws

The Van Beuren Master Plan was designed to maintain the feeling of the original estate and protect its historic character and natural assets, while establishing a high level of architectural integrity for its new and existing homes. The Plan draws inspiration from the idea that the home should be a sanctuary allowing for a higher quality of life away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Houses will be sited according to the natural character of the land which will result in widely spaced homes with open meadows and fields, emphasizing the historic charm of the area.

An important amenity of Van Beuren Farms will be approximately 20 acres of common wetlands and forest, over 5 miles of walking paths, a common meadow, the pond, a shared mailbox area and Griffin Laneā€¦ all collectively called The Commons.


The Homeowners Association will be a non-profit LLC that will collect annual dues from each homeowner to manage and maintain Griffin Lane and share in the costs of the utilities and maintenance of The Commons.